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Our Court Cap is a unisex fit with a wide brim perfect for shielding you from the sunshine in the South of France and that one unbearable girl from school who happens to always book a court at the same time as you that you've been expertly avoiding on and off for three years. It has a creamy corduroy exterior, with green embroidery on the front (so everyone knows which club you are representing) and a snoozing pink Rhubarb on the back (so everyone knows what to expect from you post lunch).


On the back, you will also find our adjustable buckle, embossed with our logo and our distinctive two-tone Rhubarb tag. On the inside, this same two-tone Rhubarb stripe is continued, as well as our 'Lost and Found' label, handwritten by our Chairwoman for an extra personal touch. We encourage our Court Cap to be well worn and well travelled, lent to a friend of a friend after an impromptu drinks party, returned at a later date covered in questionable marks, and possibly stood on by your dog and run over by the 1965 Series 2a (in that order).

The Court Cap

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