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Did somebody say Ruinart Blanc de Blancs?


This iron-on patch can be used to add a little more Rhubarb to your life.



Place your iron onto a tea towel or cloth on top of the patch and apply firm pressure for atleast 45 seconds. Allow material and patch to cool for five minutes. Next, turn your garment inside out and iron the area behind the patch while applying firm pressure for 30 seconds. This ensures that the patch is firmly attached. Please ensure to wash any items with your iron on patch attached on a low heat with the garment turned inside out.


Size - 3" x 3"

One for £7.50 or 3 for £21

Free delivery for all UK orders!


Patches can be ironed onto Canvas Bags, Denim or Cotton Jumpers.

Iron On Patch - Champagne Rhubarb


Iron On Patches - 3 for £21

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