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Vol. 21 - The Airs and The Heirs

Happy Sunday! How is everyone doing this week? I have to admit between my hectic schedule and generally struggling a bit with social media; I considered delaying this week’s newsletter to take a break. However, TRS is the only community I truly enjoy being a part of and the only one that isn’t filled with unnecessary negativity, so it felt silly to let the trolls take that away from me. I also indulged in some retail therapy to shake off whatever was left of the negativity. In more positive news, earlier this week, I released the samples of some of The Rhubarb Society Stickers (there were about 75 in total), and you guys sold them out in under 7 minutes!! I was not expecting that reaction, so thank you so much to everyone who bought one. I would extend sympathies to those who missed out, BUT I can inform you that the first official drop will now be live on the 3rd of April at 5 pm (so you don’t have to wait long). Only newsletter subscribers will receive the link and the password to access the shop! To those who managed to order, please do share them with me once you start receiving them :) With that, let’s begin!



I’ve really been enjoying all of the strange things that have been happening in recent weeks in the pop culture sphere, and although some of it is pretty mundane, it’s been nice to take my mind off the more serious things. First, we had GPs viral interview kicking off with her Doctor/Chiropractor/Florist (still unclear on who he is). This was shortly followed by her serving looks during her ski trial, which I think we all assumed was closed years ago. On the topic of being rich and out of touch, I also recently learned about the extent that luxury brands will go to for their top clients in this Airmail article. Selena has spoken out in defence of Hailey amid their strange and lengthy feud. Finally, Tiktok (and their unwaveringly patient CEO) has testified in front of congress in what can only be an episode of South Park, irl. So, where to start? I guess we have to start with my girl Gwyneth. I kind of love her in both an ironic and unironic way. She is so unapologetically out of touch and entirely herself that I kind of respect it. She’s aware of how WASPy and privileged she is, and in some ways, I admire how unbothered and unflappable she appears to be. I’m not saying that she’s not problematic (but then again, who isn’t these days?), but it shocked me to see such a big hoo-hah around this interview.

I actually had no idea what was going on until I posted a haul on Tiktok whilst in LA, in which I spoke about going into GOOP to buy bath salts. Somebody commented that they were surprised to see me promoting Gwyneth Paltrow after her most recent interview and a part of me assumed she had said something racist and completely outrageous. Whilst I don’t actually believe that saying I went to GOOP whilst in LA is the same as endorsing whatever GP had said, I was still a little nervous before looking up the interview. I eventually watched the interview where it seemed Gwyneth was saying the same old shit she’s been saying for years.

She discussed how she eats very little and loves supplements, IVs and exercising daily. She was asked about her diet, and she answered honestly. She wasn’t telling everyone to follow her eating, nor did she say she was the gold standard. Besides, aren’t we all aware that she’s been surviving off broth and colonics for years? Why are we all so mad and upset by it? I thought this was public knowledge by now? I find there is this weird double standard when it comes to public figures, especially on social media. We crave honesty and authenticity but hate it when someone is just that. Did we all want Gwyneth to lie about her day-to-day routine? Would we feel any better if she told us the complete opposite of what she actually does? No! People just want a reason to be angry, and the outrage du jour just happened to be about bone broth. Again, I am in no way supporting what she said, nor am I saying she is someone to look up to, but it felt strange to me that all of this fuss was over her being honest and entirely insane, as she has been for the longest time. The woman sells yoni eggs that you shove up your vagina for positive energy, for christ's sake.

Fast forward to the trial, and all anyone can talk about is how chic Gwyneth looks. She certainly dressed as somebody who would be implicated in a skiing accident, so we can’t knock her for not being on brand. I love the idea that there was probably a whole team of people spending hours curating a court appropriate outfit for her, and this is what they came up with. If you see me pinning these on my AW23 mood board, mind your business. Speaking of designers, I like to think I’m well-versed in the ins and outs of outrageous and over-the-top luxury (primarily through people I know and stories I’ve heard), but the article I read about VIC’s (very important clients) being the new VIPs, still took me by surprise. Big spenders are now invited to experience a brand from head to toe. Flying to Milan or Paris to personally see the show isn’t enough. Instead, the brands now include private jets, luxury vacations, and access to the best restaurants in the world. Van Cleef recently flew their best customers to Versailles to have dinner in the palace. The VICs are now part of an even more exclusive club (if possible) where they can befriend others with the same level of disposable income and taste as themselves. In a world where the wealth disparity is becoming increasingly more apparent, it appears that even the 1% who can afford to shop in these stores aren’t even a part of the 0.1% that really matters to these brands.

Now we come onto the infamous Tiktok trial, which has resulted in tweets and memes galore. There’s something both depressing and amusing about watching a group of boomers who can barely zoom on a PDF embarrassing themselves whilst questioning the CEO of a tech company with questions that sound like they’ve been pulled from the ‘Explain Like I’m 5’ forum on Reddit. I’m sure most of you have heard or read about the shitshow that this is by now, so instead of reiterating what I think many of us who use and understand social media feel, I will provide you with some of my favourite reactions to have come out of the trial.



The Air vs The Heirs

This week has been rammed with something film related almost every night. Early in the week, I started with the CFA’s (The Charity Film Awards) held in the Odeon Luxe in Leceister Square. It was only the second year this event had taken place, and it aims to celebrate the short films that charities make to educate and inspire us on their causes. It was an award-style ceremony hosted by Tom Allen, and whilst I wasn’t sure what to expect, it was actually a really lovely evening. You can watch all of the films by the winners here and finalists here. The following day I was invited to a pre-screening of Air which tells the story of how the Air Jordan line started and how Nike fought to have Michael Jordan and his family choose them over Adidas and Converse.

Firstly, I tend to avoid anything starring Ben Affleck; however, as he directed this and it stars Matt Damon (also a co-producer with Affleck for this film), I kept an open mind. They were both responsible for Good Will Hunting, so I will be gracious enough to remember that. The screening was in a pretty cool venue that they’d transformed into a giant basketball court, floor and all. Various American food and sweets were being served, as well as slushies. These events are always a real mixed bag, and you never know what to expect. This screening had influencers and ex-love islanders a plenty. Whenever I go to these events, I’m always fascinated by how different online personalities are in actual real life. It’s interesting to see how those who appear to be fun and friendly online are actually standoffish and rude in person. Those you assume you wouldn’t get along with in person are some of the nicest. You can see and speak to the same person across multiple events, and they still don’t want to give you the time of day. Anyway, ignoring that tangent, let’s get onto the film.

Firstly, the cast is charismatic as hell. Jason Bateman, Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, and Chris Messina, alongside Damon and Affleck, make it very hard not to have a good time whilst you’re watching it. I had no idea that Michael Jordan had no desire to work with Nike and that they were the last choice for a lot of basketball players at the time. It was genuinely interesting to hear the story behind the infamous Air Jordan (btw Michael was one of the first athletes to negotiate a % of sales into his contract, which sees him earn a cool $400million a year in passive income from the trainers). Viola Davis killed it. I wanted to see more of her. The film was funny, the dialogue was quick, and the run time was appropriate. It was frustrating to me that we never heard or saw from Michael Jordan and that they didn’t explore more into the Jordan’s thought process, but I get it; it was mainly about the shoe. Did I have a good time? Yes. Would I run back and rewatch it? No. Is it worth a watch? Yes. If you want a good time and an easy watch, this is your guy.


It blows my mind that there are still people out there who haven’t watched Succession. Look, I get it. I watched the first episode and had whiplash from the camera angles, and I was only half paying attention, so I let the dialogue wash over me. I gave it another chance, where it fully had 100% of my attention, and I told myself to get three episodes, and I am SO glad I did. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Season 4 premiere (the Brian Cox was there along with writer and creator Jesse Armstrong). The premiere was at The British Museum, which felt very fitting. There was an eclectic mix of people (I saw people from Stranger Things, Sex Education, and House of The Dragon??). When we sat down to watch episode one of Season 4, my mind was blown. If you haven't seen Succession, it’s known for its sharp and fast-paced dialogue that often reflects the power struggle happening between the characters at any given time. Succession has a way of making you feel like the plot is moving quickly because of the amount that occurs in one episode when in reality, everything is just a slow build to a final booming crescendo. It’s probably one of my favourite (definitely top 3) TV shows of all time because it manages to absorb you with all of the action and drama you’d typically enjoy visually through dialogue. It doesn’t rely on cliches and tropes, deaths and shootouts for shock factor or twists and turns that make no sense to the actual plot. The characters are well thought out, each one so unbearable and unlikeable, yet you can’t stop watching them. I told my sister to watch, and she asked me whether it was just ‘all about business’, which I think is a common misconception and a big turnoff for many people who don’t want to be inundated with technical jargon. Yes, there is some business talk of course, the family in question own a media empire, and they are all waiting for their indomitable patriarch to step back so that they can assume power. However, the focus is on the family. The drama. Their conflicts. Their fractured relationships. It also has some of the best insults and deliveries of any show ever. At the very least, get into it for the memes.



things I’ve been using and loving recently

  1. Goop G-Tox Bathsalts £40 - As spoken about above, I know GP is being cancelled for the umpteenth for saying the same things she’s been saying for over a decade, but when I was in LA, did you really think I wasn’t going to into Goop??? People shaded me for buying these bath salts because, apparently, it was ‘promoting GP’ when in reality, I just wanted some nice bath salts. These smell amazing, and I genuinely really like them, so she may not know a lot about eating properly, but she does know how to make an excellent bathing product.

  2. COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser £14 - I don’t want to be too bold, but I genuinely think this has been a massive factor in clearing up my skin. Since switching to this, I haven’t been getting the crazy underskin spots I’ve had for two months. Granted, I have been making lots of changes (inside and out) as well as using very expensive La Prairie skincare and Bondi Sands facial tanning drops, so it could be a combination of all of these or none of these. However, this face wash has seriously combatted the oiliness that came with my recent acne and seemed to clear it up.

  3. KOSAS Revealer Concealer £25 - This was actually a gift (I was given the whole Kosas range), but I was most impressed by their concealer and foundation. Their products are all about clean beauty, and the concealer has caffeine and a few other ingredients, which means it doubles up as an effective eye cream. I also wore both the concealer and foundation to the Succession premiere, and they wore really well.

  4. Celine Clutch and Vintage Gucci bag on Vestiaire Collective - I like to make ridiculous offers on loads of things I like on Vestiaire Collective, and very occasionally, the seller accepts. This happened recently when I managed to bag this vintage Celine pouch which is perfect as a make-up/toiletries bag, as well as this vintage khaki Gucci bag with a heavy wooden handle.

  5. Personalised Rhubarb Society Stamp from No Issue £36 - Seeing as I’ve brought forward the drop for the stickers, I thought it would be fun to have a personalised stamp to stamp the back of each envelope with. The detail and quality of it is superb.

  6. Animal by Lisa Taddeo £8.27 - I bought this for my flight to LA and only ended up reading a small bit with the minimal downtime I had on that trip, so, whilst I’m not far enough through to give a full review, I’m really enjoying it so far. I loved Three Women, so I was worried this wouldn’t compare, but so far, so good.

  7. Augustinus Bader Lip Balm £32 - This was another product that was kindly gifted, and since my Malin & Goetz one has bit the dust, this one has tapped in. It’s not too gloopy, gives really nice, even coverage and keeps lips feeling hydrated instead of really moist and then suddenly really dry. Very good soup.


And that’s all from the twenty-first issue of The Rhubarb Society! If there’s anything you’re keen for me to discuss, or if you have a podcast topic you’d like me to talk about, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below, via email or in my DMs. If there’s anyone you think would be an excellent fit for The Rhubarb Society, please do extend the invitation below.


Tamsin & Rhubarb



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