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Vol. 17 - From The Top Shelf

Happy Sunday, everyone! How are we all doing? If you follow me elsewhere, you would have heard that I spent most of this week fighting with my health insurance and advising my fellow women on scamming their health insurance if they are having hormonal issues (for legal reasons, this is a joke). I’m kind of bored of feeling lacklustre and like the planets are out to get me, so I am choosing delusion and happiness for the rest of this week. I have some exciting things coming up that I’m lucky to be a part of, so this is my reminder to myself to stop being such an Eeyore about things. Today we’re going back to the things that spark joy and that I love to talk about, such as beauty, fashion and film. I’m spending the day in Paris next week as Sandro invited me, which is really exciting. I will definitely be vlogging a ‘Tamsin in Paris’ episode for my Youtube channel. I’m also going to a dinner hosted by Trudon and their creative director, Julien, for the launch of their new perfume. Henry and I are loyal fans of Trudon, with different variations of their Ernesto scent being scattered throughout our home (and the empty candle jars being used to hold my cotton pads in the bathroom!). Everything about their brand is chic and an aesthetic dream, so I can imagine this dinner will be no different. As I am dedicating a day this week to life admin and organisation (which includes every cupboard we have), let’s start with my bathroom cabinet…



So this last month has seen a lot of empties as well as plenty of new additions to my beauty cabinet(s). It seems like a while since we’ve spoken products, so I’m going to give you an honest run down on each. The below are a mixture of items I’ve been gifted or bought, but as always, with this newsletter, I’m not being paid to talk about any of these! Let’s start with…


BeautyPie Hair/Skin/Nail Gummies - The way I smashed through these?? I get my nails done every few weeks, and previously I was using SOS builder gel because I’d have the odd nail break whenever I didn’t use it (it’s extra strong and helps protect your nails), but for the last month, I’ve stopped using it because my nails have been so good. They’ve also been growing at ridiculous rates; weirdly, the tips are much whiter.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Harmony - This was obviously gifted because it is outrageously expensive, and I wanted to hate it out of principle, but it is SO good. I was using it sparingly because I never wanted to run out, but alas, the time has come. Whilst I won’t be running to spend £660 on a bottle, I will vouch for their facial at the Fenwicks in Bond Street. It is truly incredible at lifting, sculpting and adding a glow to your face, and they use a multitude of products on your face for a fraction of the cost, so I think I’ll be making this a regular part of my routine instead of this product.

Ouai Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - So obviously, the perk of my job is being sent many new and great products to try. However, there are only so many things I can try at a time, and as I am very loyal to my Christophe Robin Salt Scrub, I’ve delayed trying any of the shampoos I’ve been sent. I started using this in January and have already finished it. I love it. My scalp felt great, my hair was squeaky clean, and it smelled amazing.

Augustinus Bader Essence - I liked this product (obviously because I finished it), but it’s certainly not my favourite from AB. It’s soft and hydrating, but I think I need something that’s going to target my oily skin a bit more (like the Thayer’s witch hazel toner or Garnier Micellar water).

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - A staple that I’ve had for years. It used to live on my desk at my old job, and I would offer it to weary travellers who came over to ask me for something I didn’t want to do. Great for lips, hands, brows and lashes. Also a godsend during the colder, drier months.

ESPA Fitness Shower Gel - The best thing about shower gel is that you don’t need to be loyal to a shower gel. They’re like cocktails. They all have fun flavours and colours; even the bad ones aren’t that bad. This one has been great since I’ve upped out my workout schedule, and it doesn’t hurt that it smells great and foams nicely.

Summer Fridays Sheer Skin Tint - I was gifted this last year and have started using it again recently as I wanted something light on my skin that still gave me a bit of coverage because of my skin issues. I actually ran out this morning, but I love that this feels really hydrating and more like a second skin than a beauty product.

Murad Glycolic Vita-C - I loooove this product. I’ve just started my third jar, and it is still the best vitamin C I’ve tried to date. That’s all.



Ultra Vitamin D - In my pursuit to fix my skin, I’ve been following the Traditional Chinese Medicine route, which has led me down a supplement rabbit hole. A reoccurring theme seems to be that none of us are getting enough Vit D and that all of us should be taking this supplement. I’ve added this to my routine, and so far, so good. It seems like everyone around me has been sick, and I’ve managed to avoid all of it, which I’m putting down to the Vit D.

Probiotics (Probio & Prebio with Zinc) - Another piece to the skincare puzzle has been trying to sort out my stomach, as apparently, your gut is linked to a lot of issues, especially skin health. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the big, underskin, painful spots I was having have completely gone and whilst the current breakouts aren’t entirely fixed, they’re much smaller.

Augustinus Bader Shampoo - A recent addition, and it arrived at the perfect time, just as my Ouai shampoo ran out. I’ve only used it twice, and so far, it’s agreeable. Nothing to scream home about, but I like it. Also, Henry and I use different bathrooms, but when we have guests, he uses ‘my’ shower and all of my products, and he told me he really liked the AB shampoo. I told him not to use lots of it because it was expensive. I’m waiting for it to disappear randomly from my shower shelf.

Westman Atelier Highlighter - THIS IS THE PRETTIEST THING EVER. I only tried Westman products recently when they invited me to their counter in Selfridges. I didn’t realise the focus for Westman was ‘clean beauty’, and you can really feel it in their products. The make-up feels like skincare, and this highlighter is the closest thing to natural, dewy skin I’ve ever used.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo - A classic and a forever repeat buy. No other dry shampoo compares. I prefer the silver bottle to the dark grey one (I don’t know the difference), but I feel like this one is better.



So, I’m going to Paris for a total of 10 hours next week, all because of Sandro. When Sandro sends you an invite and gives you an excuse to wander around Paris for the day, who am I to say no? I’ve been to Paris twice, which is not enough for my liking, especially as the Eurostar only takes 2 hours from St Pancras. I have to be organised in order to make the most of my time there, starting with the most important part…my outfit. I want something comfortable and chic that will cope with me running all over the city. The weather is currently teetering between 1 and 11 degrees next week, so I think layering will be key.

My style is pretty functional and, if I dare to say, a more relaxed version of Parisian style anyway, so I just need to find the right combination for the day. So, let’s start from the bottom up. I’ve already decided on my Celine loafers. Ideally, I’d like to pair them with bare legs, shorts, a shirt, jumper and an oversized blazer, but the weather is saying, ‘please wear tights, you insane tourist’, so I guess that’s option 1. Option two would be loose, blue jeans, a long-sleeved white petit bateau t-shirt, and, you guessed it, another blazer. Perhaps something over the shoulders that is not at all functional, nor will it keep me warm, but looks good. The third option would be to actually wear some Sandro. I have a navy jumper with a beautiful scalloped collar that would wear well with my Theory wool trousers, loafers and a blazer. As much as I’d like to take a cute little bag, like my vintage Gucci or my LV loop bag, I’ve got shit to carry, so I guess the only option is my navy Saint Louis tote. And what will I be packing? Good question. The below should see me through the day;

And as for the itinerary? Well, there are a few things I’d like to do whilst I’m there, distance and time permitting. However, for those who know Paris far better than me, I would love any recommendations if you feel there’s something I simply can’t miss. I will be mainly in the 8th arrondissement, so to avoid schlepping all over the city, it would be nice to keep things around there!

  • Rue Des Martyrs - A foodie street that will make for the perfect morning stroll once I’ve hopped off the Eurostar. I plan on finding somewhere to sit to have a coffee and a pastry and people-watch for a bit.

  • Valois Vintage and Opulence Vintage - I plan on hitting as many vintage designer shops as possible because the last time I was in Paris, I found a vintage Celine jacket in one of these shops that I massively regret not buying.

  • Maison La Chaume - This is the oldest flower shop in Paris (apparently, Proust was a fan), so of course, I have to find some time to go and have a nosy.

  • Any French Pharmacy I Can Find - If anyone has any great french beauty products that you recommend, please let me know because I plan on buying everything!!

  • Buvette Paris - This is one of my favourite places to eat, and I plan on having a nice lazy, late lunch here. It feels like sitting in someone’s house and having them home cook for you.

  • Le Bar - Time permitting, I’d love to sit here and have a drink with all of my various assorted, purchased goods before hopping on the train home.

  • Lafayette Gourmet - My last stop to stock up on food for the journey home/lots of delicious, locally sourced goods to take home.



Here are a few pieces of media I've been enjoying this week...

  • I found a new Youtube account called ‘Lessons From The Screenplay’. I particularly like this one about The Social Network (mostly because I’m a big fan of Aaron Sorkin), and I think it can be so easy to overlook the elements of a screenplay that make a film so epic, so it’s nice to see it being given the respect it deserves.

  • A trailer for a new A24 film called ‘Past Lives’ that I just know is going to BANG. It’s about childhood friends who reunite as adults, and it’s director Celine Song’s directorial film debut (and she wrote the screenplay).

  • Loads of you asked for the lemon curd/flapjack/oat bar that my friend made for me and gave me a box of in this Tiktok. Whilst her recipe was from a random cookbook of hers, this recipe looks and sounds exactly the same. Just to warn you, these are crazy addictive, and you’ll think about them all the time.

  • As painful as Tiktok can be, there are also lots of gems, especially when it comes to learning weird and wonderful things. This video came up on my FYP. Apparently, archaeologists recently discovered a 2.9 million-year-old ‘butchery’ site that proves that humans weren’t the first to create tools to use as weapons. Tani explains it all better than I can and in far more detail, but it’s pretty cool.

  • I’m currently rewatching both Gossip Girl and The OA. They are both comfort watches which says very little about me.


And that’s all from the seventeenth issue of The Rhubarb Society! If you’re keen to get ahead of next week’s segment of ‘The Club Corner’, or if you have a podcast topic you’d like me to discuss, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below, via email or in my DMs. If there’s anyone you think would be an excellent fit for The Rhubarb Society, please do extend the invitation below.


Tamsin & Rhubarb



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