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The Valentine's Gift Guide For The Person Who Has Everything

Saying 'I love you' comes in many different forms, and they are largely expensive and rare (well, I guess this actually depends on who you're buying for, but if you're reading here, I can assume this rings true). However, all the money in the world cannot buy you A) taste, and B) creativity. The most common first-world problem seems to be 'What do I buy for the person who has everything?'. Firstly, no one has everything because taste, a sense of humour, and personal hygiene do not go hand in hand with an acre in Old Greenwich and a Salvador Mundi. However, if you are shopping for someone who is close to having everything, let us help you out with our handy gift guide which includes the big, the small, and the extravagant.


For Her

Don't forget to buy one for each handbag she owns!


Nothing says I love you like old and very expensive jewellery. There is also nothing more chic than a vintage Reverso.


Featuring a selection of leather and paper pieces — including a Luggage Tag, Panama Notebook and Correspondence Cards, this travel box is the perfect gift for the woman on the go, with enough red to warrant it as a Valentine's gift.


You will never be in the dog house again for forgetting to buy her flowers if she has her very own subscription.


So a Dior Lip Oil is a cute gift as it is but if you order directly from their website, you can have it engraved which adds a little extra something. It also makes you seem far more thoughtful than you probably are.


A functional and beautiful bag handwoven by a small team of artisans at a fraction of the price of a Bottega (and if you tell her this you'll get bonus points for pretending to even know what any of that means).


You might not know what this is but I promise you she will LOVE it.


Gloves are one of those things you'd never really buy for yourself (and if you do, they're nothing extravagant) so what better to gift than a pair of mulled wine colour N.peal ones? These are even on sale too. You're welcome.


Why not spend some quality time together in the woods, indulging in a culinary feast over an open fire? Nomadic Feasts host a range of events across the year that are all immersed in wildlife, where everything you drink and eat is foraged and served fresh.


Best paired with a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc.


No one has ever been disappointed when they've received Trudon as a gift. If you really love her, by the giant 3 wick one. It smells beautiful, looks beautiful, and lasts forever.


Okay just hear me out...the little legs on the charm MOVE LIKE A REAL ELEPHANT. That's all I have.


Much easier than actually saying it out loud.


What's better than a martini other than a crystal embellished martini that also happens to be a clutch???


For Him

Have your face/the terms of your prenup embroidered on the inside, just in case.


Berry Bros host everything from wine tastings to Michel Roux led dinners. You can even take your WSET with them.


Chic, chic, and CHIC!


For the man who spends more time on the golf course than with you, be sure to personalise it with something 'creative' to remind him of how much more important you are than his tee time.


A favourite of The Rhubarb Society (tried and tested) is the monthly subscription from C.Gars.


Okay, it's not quite a Ferrari but beggars can't be choosers.


If you have a man in your life who considers himself a BTEC Bear Grylls, book an Unyoked stay for the two of you to decompress in the middle of a forest and pee into a compost loo.


Limited to just 99 pieces, this steering wheel is the most expensive and unnecessary adult toy ever.


It even comes with two cups so you can drink twice as much in half the time!


This is a reminder that club members are given access to our financial advisor who takes appointments monthly (just in case anyone was wondering).

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Definitely going the “spend an extortionate amount on self love” route, I deserve it 🖤

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