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The Rhubarb Society Christmas Gift Guide

Hello! Good Morning! Yes, you may be wondering why this issue is a week early, and well, it’s because it simply couldn’t wait because…it’s that time of year again. Collectively, I would hate to think of the hours we spend scheming and scrolling in order to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones (or ones we pretend to love in the hopes we might eventually find a space for ourselves in their wills). Gift-giving should always be thoughtful, personal, and intended to add something to the recipient’s life. May that be adding something useful, something practical, or even something that adds momentary joy. Our gift guide will be an eclectic mix split by recipient and covering a range of budgets. Online shopping is often best accompanied by something strong — our drink of choice is an extra (extra) dirty vodka martini, served from a glass straight from the freezer. Light a candle, play something upbeat, and take a large sip. It’s time.


For The Foodie

  • Cocktail Napkins - Give the gift of a fun cocktail napkin this Christmas with everything from pumpkins and fried eggs to Roman busts by The House Of Gleason. Another favourite brand of mine for this is Chefanie, which includes designs with tins of Caviar and ones with Oysters.

  • A Pinch Of Fortnum and Mason - With elegant packaging and fabulous quality, you can’t go wrong with a gift from F&M. You can give a tub of giant Toffolossus biscuits for under £20, a duo of Stilton’s in glass jars (that can easily be reused) for £25, or even a big slab of honeycomb for £40. If you’re feeling generous, you can curate a selection of foodie bits from F&M and make your own hamper to gift. If you want to push the budget, consider a fondue set or a ‘night in’ gift set that includes some Oscietra caviar and a bottle of marmalade vodka.

  • Cabbage Bowls - These have been popular for a while and don’t seem to be going anywhere, AND John Lewis has 20% off as part of their Black Friday sale. You could buy a pair to gift without breaking £50.

  • Decorate Your Table With H&M Home - Some of my most complimented homeware has come from H&M. The quality and the price point are fantastic, and they are wonderful gifts for those who want to give thoughtfully without breaking the bank. The San Raphael range of wildflower plates and bowls are beautiful. Their red and white porcelain range is both festive and Dior-esque in print and style. I love their linen tablecloths (although I’m not sure if that is something one would necessarily gift), so if you’re looking for something more chic, this brown jug is perfect, and it even leaves you with room in the budget to buy two matching tumblers.

  • Berry Bros - If you’d rather gift an experience, you can’t beat one at Berry Bros. & Rudd in St James’s. From vintage champagne tastings to luncheons and Grand Cru dinners, there’s something to cover all bases. You can even give the gift of a wine course to any budding sommeliers out there.

  • Tuna Fight Club - Have you ever wanted to eat directly from a tuna the size of a small car? Well, look no further. Tuna Fight Club is an interactive and immersive tasting menu featuring their famous 7-day dry-aged bluefin tuna in various forms. The perfect gift for those who love their fish and also a great excuse to have a night out with a loved one.

  • Go Vintage - There are so many beautiful and affordable second-hand and vintage options, especially in the glassware department, making for a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Ebay is filled with vintage crystal champagne flutes and coupes. If you have the time and patience, Vinterior is another fantastic place to source vintage tableware. La Loueme also has a stunning range of vintage pieces, such as these wavy rainbow flutes. If you like something with personality, Eclectiquette has a highly curated range of vintage items sourced from all over the world. I am obsessed with these art deco mermaid flutes.

  • Reverend Hubert - The perfect wintery liqueur that’s handmade in the Cotswolds. It can be sipped alone or added to any drink to add warmth and spice. It’s the perfect addition to a Negroni or even with warm cranberry juice to make a hot punch.


For The Dog

Travel In Style - This is more a gift for the human, but if you like to travel with your dog but don’t want to pay to have your car cleaned regularly, Orvis has a chic range of travel products. We love this tan, quilted, seat protector.

Eat & Drink Like A King - If you happen to have a dog with expensive taste, Le Creuset does dog bowls with matching storage containers. We use the large bowl for Rhubarb’s food and the small one for her water.

The Fortnums Wooden Advent Calendar - Now, it may not make a lot of sense to buy this for the 25th when the whole point of an advent calendar is to count down to that date. However, this calendar is so beautifully made and meant to last years so I don’t think there’s any harm in buying it as an early present for your pup. There’s plenty of space behind each door, so you can add any treat or toy your dog fancies, and outside of Christmas, it really is just a work of art on its own. I might have to use mine for the rest of the year to keep Rhubarb’s daily treat exciting.


For The Wellness Girlies

  • The Patchology Set - Several sheet masks to cover you from your head to your toes and in the theme of ‘fizz the season’ - great for those who need a little extra TLC around Christmas time.

  • Roll The Stress Away - Anatome is doing 25% off for Black Friday, so it is the perfect time to gift a few of their essential oil rollerballs. This sleep set includes a pillow spray as well as a rollerball. You can also get a set of four minis for £26.25. If you prefer a different kind of roller, you can’t go wrong with an ice roller which is the hot tool du jour. Lord knows we could all do with a bit of cooling down around Christmas.

  • Neom Candle/Skincare - I love how this is a two-for-one. Not only do you get a beautiful-smelling candle, but you also get a moisturising, warming skin treatment. I have tried these candles multiple times, so I promise you that it is entirely safe to pour the contents of the candle onto yourself, even if your brain is rejecting the premise.

  • The Five Minute Journal - One of my favourite mindfulness journals that makes daily journalling easy and unintimidating.

  • Crystal Covered - Crystals don’t just have to live under your pillow or on your bedside table. This BeautyPie rose quartz eye mask is functional as well as fabulous. Bamford has a range of crystal water bottles that supposedly infuse your water with good crystal energy. If you want to gift something a little more ‘hands-off’, a Himalayan salt lamp is a lovely option. I gifted one to my sister one year, and she still has it on her bedside table.

  • You Are What You Ingest - If you have a friend who likes a natural remedy, there are plenty of great options on the market that I have tried, tested, and even gifted. One of my favourites is Organic Olivia and her range of herbal supplements (and she currently has a Black Friday sale). Her Peace Juice, Mood Juice, and Digestive Bitters are great on-the-go options that your recipient can pack in their bag and spray as necessary. Organic Olivia is US-based though, which means added time and cost for anyone outside of the states, so for my UK girlies, Supermush also has a range of sprays and mints for creativity and immunity. Daylesford also sells vitamin sprays and seltzers that help with everything from increased clarity to deeper sleep.


For The Techie

  • A Bluetooth Turntable - For those who want to enjoy a slice of the past with the advantages of modern technology. This Bluetooth vinyl player is SO cool. It will link to all of your Bluetooth devices so you can hear your parent’s old vinyls in their full glory. We recently got one of these record players, and the first thing I asked for was my Dad’s original ‘Rumours’ vinyl. I can’t wait to blast it at full volume.

  • Go Virtual - VR headsets seem to be everywhere, and surprisingly, the Meta Quest 2 is half the price of a PS5. For some reason I had it in my head that these were near the thousand pound mark. An ideal gift for the person in your life who you’d like to leave you alone for an extended period whilst they go off on various virtual quests.

  • Native Union - These guys are a really cool brand that reimagines tech accessories, AND they happen to have 30% off for Black Friday. Their wireless chargers and charging cables look much better than the ugly, functional designs we’re all used to.

  • A Mini Projector - So, this one is officially Netflix licensed, which means you have full access to their selection, ready to be beamed onto the nearest wall from the moment you plug it in. Whether it’s for someone who is always on the go or a homebody who loves film and TV, this is the best LED mini projector on the market, with rave reviews about sound and picture quality. Perfect for streaming Paddington 2 on Christmas Day.

  • Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser - One for the tech-loving foodie, this velvetiser delivers the perfect hot chocolate every time. It has a temperature technology that heats to the optimal chocolate melting point for hot and iced drinks. It also happens to look very chic and would make a great addition to your kitchen counter.

  • Relax, Take It Easy - For the permanently stressed loved one, the annoyingly athletic loved one, or maybe just a Taurean in your life, an at-home massage machine is a must. We love a Theragun here at The Rhubarb Society, and their prime version is currently on sale, making it a more digestible £175 as opposed to their Pro option at nearly £500. However, the handheld option can sometimes feel like you’re doing more work than you want to, and isn’t it nice to just sit back and relax? If you fall into the ‘do nothing’ camp, this heated shiatsu foot massager is on sale for under £50 (I’ve just ordered myself one), as well as this neck and back massager that makes for the perfect hands-off approach.


For The Beauty Queen (Or King)

  • Personalised Dior Lip Oil - I bought these for my Maid of Honour committee as we were all in the habit of stealing each other’s lip oils when we were together, and they went down a treat. The engraving is free, and as well as the product itself being great, I think having the recipient’s name engraved on the side adds a little something extra that will always be appreciated.

  • Bright Eyes - These undereye LED patches combine beauty and tech in an entirely new way by elevating the humble eye mask to something greater. LED lights are all the rage when it comes to targeting pigmentation, ageing, and acne, and now you can have something that targets that tricky under-eye area.

  • The Aesop Hand Duo - We all still get excited when we go to a restaurant with Aesop hand soap, right? I’m not sure how they do it, but we all remain gorilla-gripped by their products, so this cult classic is the perfect gift as it’s something everyone wants but would never buy for themselves. Also, if you’re close enough to them, you’ll get to use the products every time you visit, so it’s a win-win.

  • Spin And Squeeze Brush Cleaner - On the topic of gifts that everyone would love to have but will never buy for themselves, I think brush cleaners have to be up there. We all have make-up brushes and beauty blenders that are way past their sell-by date, so maybe consider adding this to your own wishlist this Christmas, you dirty scoundrels.

  • Universelle Buly - I have been buying from this brand for close to a decade, and I know I’ve written about them before (back when TRS had under 1000 members!), but since LVMH acquired them, there’s no use in gatekeeping any longer. Buly is my dream beauty brand because everything is unbearably chic and, therefore, the perfect gift. You can buy leather-bound lip balms and have the outside engraved with your recipient’s initials. You can buy tortoiseshell combs and acetate hand mirrors (also with engraving options) and bottles of oils and lotions with the most decadent designs.

  • Facial Reflexology - Using this tool is the perfect way to elevate your daily skincare applications. It helps to lift, depuff, and get the blood flowing, and is double-ended so that you can use it in different ways. The roller itself has germanium beads to help tone your lower face and neck, and the rose quartz pointed end is excellent for stimulating pressure points in the face.

  • Give The Gift Of Choice - An underrated beauty gift (but one of my favourites) is to simply gift a voucher or a specific treatment at your recipient’s favourite place. If you (or they) don’t know what that is or you would like to gift them an opportunity to try something new, you can see some of my recommended beauty treatments in this issue.


For Him

  • A Cigar Subscription - Should you have a man in your life with such a terrible habit, a monthly subscription is the perfect gift to ensure you are no.1 on their list of favourite people. I recently bought Henry a subscription at CGars Ltd., and he loves it. Admittedly, this large reoccurring cost may not be for everyone, so instead, treat them to something like an afternoon at the Manuh Cigar tasting room at The Peninsula. You could also take them to The Bulgari sampling lounge, which offers curated cigar-smoking experiences.

  • Nomadic Dinners - An adventure and a gourmet food experience in one, Nomadic Dinners offer woodland feasts with all the foraging and open fires your heart could ever want. It’s a magical experience that uses food as a tool to reconnect to nature and a great excuse to spend some quality time with your man of choice.

  • A Cabin In The Woods - Speaking of nature, an Unyoked stay is the perfect way to reconnect and slow down. They provide cabins in the middle of nowhere, with everything you need for slow living (don’t worry, there is hot water). It’s a wonderful option for a staycation and a great excuse to escape from life for a bit. Grind your own coffee beans, start your own fires, and cook your dinners in the great outdoors.

  • Percival T-Shirts - If you want to upgrade his wardrobe, but know that you’ll face some resistance, Percival T-shirts are the best compromise. They are clean and simple (and 100% organic cotton), but you have options for fun and quirky embroideries. I love this hot sauce one and this green Porsche one. They are currently having a Black Friday sale too!

  • Tom Dixon Whiskey Glasses - Depending on their drink of choice, Tom Dixon has a range of stylish and ‘masculine’ glasses and decanters that look just as good on a bar cart as they do in hand. Each decanter and glass is handmade, making each one unique.

  • A Yeti Mug - For some reason, a lot of the men in my life are obsessed with their Yeti mugs. I guess they are stylish and functional, and they can hold everything from coffee to sake whilst keeping them at their optimum temperature.

  • Desmond & Dempsey Robes - These are the best. D&D have great prints that make a nice change from every standard towelling robe, and the robes are thick, warm, and so cosy.

  • The Road Rat Magazine - For the man who likes his cars, Road Rat make magazines that are so stylish they could also double as a coffee table book. It is definitely one magazine you won’t resent when you see it left lying around.


For Me

Should any generous donors be reading this and dying to know what I want for Christmas, look no further. Thanks in advance.


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Tamsin & Rhubarb



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