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Our committee meets quarterly to review all applications (various holidays, legal hiccups, and tax status of said members depending). Please note there is currently a backlog and new members will have to wait until an existing member is either detained indefinitely or has died before being considered. If you are in possession of a parking space in the Steward's Enclosure, please do reach out to the club secretary, as we will be willing to advance your application in exchange for its yearly use.  

Choose your Membership

  • Social Membership

    Free Plan
    • Updates - Notifications For New Issues, Products, And Events
    • The Newsletter - Access To Most Of The Archive
    • The Club - Access To One Room In The Forum
  • Rhubarb's Choice

    Private Member

    Every month
    • The Newsletter - Access To All Archival Issues
    • The Club - Entry To All Rooms In Member's Forum
    • The Guides - Access To All Guides
    • Updates - Priority Access To New Products And Events
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